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Beneficiaries Program


Smart Planet beneficiaries are typically Hospitals, Municipalities, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Schools, and any Nonprofit Organization that is aligned with the Smart Planet Mission.


Beneficiary Organizations can list their resource needs on the Smart Planet Marketplace where donors can identify them and provide the funding needed to support their efforts. Beneficiary Organizations also receive up to 10% in discounts on products and services listed on the Smart Planet Marketplace.


When applying for affiliation, an authorized officer of the Beneficiary Organization must submit a letter indicating their resource needs, along with documentation demonstrating that they are a legal entity in good legal standing.

Furthermore, in order to protect the integrity of our platform, Smart Planet employs Know Your Client (KYC) protocols is to prevent the organization from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for money laundering. For all affiliate organizations Smart Planet employs the following KYC procedure:

  1. Request complete identification information of the person or organization providing the funding.

  2. Conduct Simple Due Diligence to verify the documentation that includes sponsor name and address. 

  3. Conduct ongoing monitoring of the sponsors’ activities to ensure that they are not in conflict with the Smart Planet Mission.

Smart Planet shall maintain records of its KYC information for inspection by pertinent authorities.


US$50 (US$30 with a referral code)


US$595  (US$295 with a referral code)

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection
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