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Sustainability Influencers




-Inspiration: Beyond their visibility and the relative size of their community, the prime attribute for an influencer is to be a true expert in a concrete subject. An influencer is capable of grasping all of the factors surrounding and affecting your target audiences and knows how to add a thoughtful response to their concerns through his or her own content.


As a brand, it is fundamental to know how to both identify and listen to those influencers who have achieved credibility within a community. 


-Collaborator: Create content, videos, reels and informative pictures can be key in laying the company for a stable relationship with opinion leaders online.


-Amplifier: Broaden the scope of content’s exposure, an influencer will only get a valid echo in those themes in which they have achieved credibility and trust, being part of an audience that is aligned with our target audience



Recognition: Get your own place and name in the market.

Income: Make money with the help of their reach to the people.

Partnership: Big brands will make influencers recognized globally and this will also help them in making good contacts with other firms.


Appreciation: Being applauded for one’s work is what pushes them more to do further.}

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